Transformer Token and Position Embedding with Keras

Introduction There are plenty of guides explaining how transformers work, and for building an intuition on a key element of them – token and position embedding. Positionally embedding tokens allowed transformers to represent non-rigid relationships between tokens (usually, words), which is much better at modeling our context-driven speech in language modeling. While the process is … Read more

c# – How to add Logout method in .NET core 3.1 with storing jwt token in cookies

I’m new to c# and dot net. i am unable to understand how to implement logout method with jwt token here i’m attaching my whole code. i have implemented the authentication and authorization with jwt i’m accessing the credentials for login from the appssetting.json. here is my appsetting.json where i have mentioned username,password and secret … Read more

java – Error 500 while using bearer token with Spring boot + Keycloak

This is my first Keycloack integration with a SpringBoot + Spring Security app, and i found myself in a problem. I am using the Keycloak Spring Security Adapter, but something is missing since an error 500 is shown instead of authorizing the request by bearer_token. When i don’t send the token, an authorization problem presents … Read more

oop – expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘&=’ token (C++)

I am trying to learn c++ and I have come across an exercise that is giving me quite a bit of trouble. The compiler is giving me a number of errors, in particular the following: expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘&=’ token Book(int=0, const string&=” “, const string&=” “, int=0, const string&=” “, double=0.0); Could … Read more

What Is a CSRF Token?

Cross-site request forgery (aka cross-site reference forgery) is a form of web application attack. The hacker tricks users through malicious requests into running tasks they do not intend to execute. Therefore, the webserver needs a mechanism to determine whether a legitimate user generated a request via the user’s browser to avoid such attacks. A CSRF … Read more

reactjs – State will not stay updated to keep a user logged in, even though the token remains in localStorage

I’m creating a basic app using React and Express. The issue I’m having is that I can login a user and register a new user, but when I hit the refresh button, it logs the same user out, immediately. In addition, their authorization token is still present in the localStorage even though the user is … Read more

html – Forbidden (CSRF token missing or incorrect.): /

So i want to make models form to upload file mp3. I was copy the code from the website, but suddenly it goes error. Here’s error message on the website : Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed. Request aborted. Help Reason given for failure: CSRF token missing or incorrect. In general, this can occur when there … Read more