oop – expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘&=’ token (C++)

I am trying to learn c++ and I have come across an exercise that is giving me quite a bit of trouble. The compiler is giving me a number of errors, in particular the following: expected ‘,’ or ‘…’ before ‘&=’ token Book(int=0, const string&=” “, const string&=” “, int=0, const string&=” “, double=0.0); Could … Read more

What Is a CSRF Token?

Cross-site request forgery (aka cross-site reference forgery) is a form of web application attack. The hacker tricks users through malicious requests into running tasks they do not intend to execute. Therefore, the webserver needs a mechanism to determine whether a legitimate user generated a request via the user’s browser to avoid such attacks. A CSRF … Read more

reactjs – State will not stay updated to keep a user logged in, even though the token remains in localStorage

I’m creating a basic app using React and Express. The issue I’m having is that I can login a user and register a new user, but when I hit the refresh button, it logs the same user out, immediately. In addition, their authorization token is still present in the localStorage even though the user is … Read more

html – Forbidden (CSRF token missing or incorrect.): /

So i want to make models form to upload file mp3. I was copy the code from the website, but suddenly it goes error. Here’s error message on the website : Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed. Request aborted. Help Reason given for failure: CSRF token missing or incorrect. In general, this can occur when there … Read more

Scalable JWT Token Revokation in Spring Boot

With stateless JWT Tokens for security, short TTLs (1 min) can be used. These tokens are then refreshed during their time to live. If the server does not get to know when a user has logged out, a token of a logged-out user could continue to be refreshed. One solution for this problem will be … Read more