PowerToys 0.64 adds File Locksmith and Hosts File Editor tools

Microsoft’s suite of power tools now lets you find that program that’s blocking you from deleting files, among other improvements. Fans of Microsoft’s PowerToys suite of tools have some good news today, as the company is now rolling out version 0.64 of the app. The latest release comes with a couple of major additions, the … Read more

How to take a Screenshot on Windows using inbuilt tools and external apps

If you need to capture some information that’s on your computer screen and store it for later use, taking a screenshot is one of the best options. Whether it’s your favorite meme on Twitter or physics notes from your online class, taking a screenshot can be handy a lot of times. If you’re new to … Read more

Microsoft releases Syntex with broad set of AI-based content management tools

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Syntex, a rebranding of the application as the company transforms it into a set of content apps, low-code tools and services that uses AI to streamline how organizations work with content. Part of a new category of technology that Microsoft calls “content AI,” Microsoft Syntex—announced at the company’s Ignite conference Wednesday, … Read more

An AI alternative to code search tools

Like any other discipline, software development has its productivity challenges. Would you believe that the average software developer spends roughly 75% of their time just searching through and understanding code to make necessary changes? With developers spending so much time and effort on just getting their bearings, before any real work gets done, they have … Read more

How Software Deployment Tools Have Changed in the Past 20 Years | by Geshan Manandhar | Aug, 2022

I have used a variety of software deployment tools in the last 20 years. From FTP to deploying Docker containers on Kubernetes using a chatbot, I think I have seen the most of it. In this post, I will take you on a journey of web software deployment tools from 2001 to 2022, let’s get … Read more

Machine Learning Software Tools for Developers

Any specialized software in artificial intelligence, self-iterated data analysis, supervised learning, and other machine learning algorithms are considered machine learning software. Machine learning can be used in many software applications, including email classification or human-computer interaction. Machine learning software is available for modeling, designing, recruitment, and accounting. It can make all the difference between a … Read more

Multi-Cloud Management: Tools, Challenges, etc.

Many organizations implemented a digital strategy using the cloud to boost productivity, reduce costs, and increase their scale. Cloud migration simplifies workflows and makes it easier to find and share them securely, leading to digital transformation. Multi-Cloud Management The process of tracking, securing, and optimizing multi-cloud deployment is called multi-cloud management. A vendor’s cloud service … Read more

7 Best MQTT Client Tools Worth Trying

With the rapid development of the IoT industry, the MQTT protocol is being used by more companies and developers. In the process of learning and using MQTT, a handy client tool can help developers debug IoT applications, explore the features of MQTT, and shorten the development cycle. There are a wide variety of MQTT client … Read more

8 Cross-Platform Tools for Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is an industry that’s constantly changing and evolving. While some of the biggest apps may seem like they’re stuck in time, there are new technologies emerging every day, which means developers have to stay on their toys. The thing about mobile apps is that the user experience needs to be seamless across … Read more