3 Reasons Why You Should Centralize Developer Tools, Processes, and People

Have you ever worked for an organization that uses 15 overlapping tools, all with different requirements, inputs, and administrators? Pretty hectic, right? Every development team has its unique blend of tools that help it ship code, but it’s hard to keep all those tools seamlessly working together. We recently surveyed developer teams, and they cited … Read more

Best Tools to Implement Kubernetes Observability

A properly managed and implemented observability system provides DevOps with granular insights that can be used to debug and heal complex systems. Observability combines monitoring, alerting, and logging with metrics visualization and its analysis. It allows development teams to get detailed insights into the real-time performance of Kubernetes clusters and applications so that they can … Read more

gcloud – Google Cloud SDK throws Reachability Check failed after Command Line Tools update on macOS 12.4

After the software update of Command Line Tools for Xcode to the version 13.4 the gcloud compute ssh command stopped working with the error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate failed: unable to get local issuer certificate. I’m not behind proxy or firewall. What I’ve tried so far: updating google cloud sdk, then reinstalling, then removing and installing … Read more

Container Orchestration Tools Comparison – DZone Cloud

Containers have become popular as software development shifts from traditional methods to cloud-native development and DevOps. In a containerized environment, a single instance of an operating system is shared across apps. For those more familiar with virtual machines, it’s useful to remember that each VM contains its own instance of a full operating system and … Read more

API Security Tools: What to look for

Determine the Goals In Bruce Lee’s famous movie, “Enter the Dragon,” there’s a scene of Bruce on the junk with the other contenders. One of them, Parsons, asks, “What’s your style?” Bruce answers, “The art of fighting without fighting,” after which he tricks Parsons onto the lifeboat, and Parsons is dragged in that boat behind … Read more

Build 2022: Power Platform gets more web development tools and AI assistance

The low-code and no-code development tools that make Microsoft’s Power Platform are important to the company and to enterprises around the world. It’s a trend accelerated by the sudden digital transformations forced by a global pandemic and the resulting shifts in working patterns. Today’s spotlight is on the enterprise app gap, where lack of development … Read more

A Primer on OpenShift CLI Tools

The command-line interface (CLI) is an effective text-based user interface (UI). Today, many users rely on graphical user interfaces and menu-driven interactions, but some programming and maintenance tasks may not have a GUI, or at times, may experience slowness. In such scenarios, command-line interfaces can be used. When working on the OpenShift Container Platform, a … Read more

sql server – EF core Invalid column name after reverse ingeneering database using EF Power Tools

I have an API using ASP.NET Core 6 & EF6 and I reverse engieneer my database (SQL Server) using EF Core Powers Tool extension. When I try to insert a Person entity inside, I got the error Invalid column name ‘TeamName’, but TeamName does not exist in the database and in the model class. I … Read more

The Observant Developer — Part 1. Like tests, observability tools provide… | by Roni Dover | May, 2022

Like tests, observability tools provide a way for developers to validate code assumptions, without the added cement. Image by author This is the first in a three-part series that will review some of the observability technologies available to developers today and what specific insights they can provide. Observability? Isn’t that a DevOps thing? Historically, observability … Read more