Error tracking with JavaScript, React, and Sentry

Tracking errors in a way that makes them manageable is one of the most painstaking tasks for developers. In the past, we had to rebuild tracking error for every application, which often led to extraneous lines of code throughout the business logic. Sentry is an error-tracking framework that does much of the heavy lifting, providing … Read more

Vanity Metrics for APIs vs Tracking Business Value

As an API product manager, you want your API to have a great developer experience. This means that developers can get up and running quickly, they get consistent behavior from your API, it’s easy for them to troubleshoot any errors they encounter, and your API makes it easy for them to address their business needs. … Read more

So what happened to this place?

July 1st, 2022, 12:14 AM #1 So what happened to this place? It seems kinda dead. Is there anybody from the 2000’s around. Hello Brad if you are … Read more

Rive 2 — 2.5D Avatar With Pointer Tracking Using Flutter | by Roman Cinis | Jul, 2022

Applying state machines It’s been a long time since my last Rive article. It was Rive 1 (Flare) back in the day, but now, the sun is rising on Rive 2. It already has most of the features from the first one, plus the State Machines! And it’s a game-changer, so here I will show … Read more

android – Issue while using background_locator plugin while tracking background location in flutter

I’m trying to track location in the background using flutter and to do so I’m using the background_locator plugin. It has been implemented in such a way that there are certain static callback functions that were registered. I’ve declared a class variable of File type to save the log in the background. The global variable … Read more

Build Your Weather Tracking Flutter App Using GetX | by Adem Gunay | Apr, 2022

Create cross-platform applications just got easier Photo by Tudor Baciu So you are interested in Flutter but you don’t know how or where to start to build your first app? Or, perhaps, you are interested in GetX? It’s your lucky day! You just found what you were looking for 🙂 In this article, we are … Read more