Distributed Training on Multiple GPUs

Why and How to Use Multiple GPUs for Distributed Training Data Scientists or Machine Learning enthusiasts training AI models at scale will inevitably reach a cap. When the datasets size increases, the processing time can increase from minutes to hours to days to weeks! Data scientists turn to the inclusion of multiple GPUs along with … Read more

python – Why facebook’s detectron2 doesn’t use validation dataset for training computer vision models?

Colab notebooks are usually slow and meant for showing the basic usage of a repo. The fact that it is not evaluating during training could be just as simple as they don’t consider it necessary having that step in a simple notebook. The more complex examples like training with perioding evaluation are in their repo. … Read more

python – Training a deep learning network for MRI reconstruction but loss and SSIM values ​​go to NaN after a few iterations

I’m currently working on a project to train a deep learning network to denoise MRI reconstructions in Pytorch but I’m running into issues in the training process where my loss and SSIM becomes NaN after a few iterations. From what I’ve gathered so far, it’s an issue with the gradients becoming too large and thus … Read more

Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Importantort

We live in a world where all our day-to-day lives have gone digital. There might not be any single piece of our information that is not present on the internet today. With hackers attacking every 39 seconds, cybersecurity has become a major challenge for many organizations. Cybersecurity plays an important role in securing data from … Read more

tensorflow – Denoise autoencoder not training properly

I’m trying to make a denoise autoencoder wherein the encoder part is vgg16 and decoder is opposite of vgg16(encoder) network. My dataset consists of 5K images in grayscale and these are the steps i’ve followed to prepare and normalize: input_X = [], (list having 5K (noisy)images of dims 224,224,1) input_Y = [], (list having 5K … Read more