Enabling Business Transaction Monitoring – DZone Integration

Introduction IBM App Connect V12 introduced a new capability called Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) which allows the user to record a message throughout its lifecycle and determine its outcome. What Is Transaction Monitoring? Transaction monitoring involves surveying each message that passes through your flows and ruling whether it was transmitted successfully or had failed to … Read more

Spring Transaction Debugging in Prod With Lightrun

Spring makes building a reliable application much easier thanks to its declarative transaction management. It also supports programmatic transaction management, but that’s not as common. In this article, I want to focus on the declarative transaction management angle, since it seems much harder to debug compared to the programmatic approach. This is completely true. We … Read more

How to Implement a Distributed Transaction Across Mysql, Redis, and Mongo | by dongfu ye | Apr, 2022

Combining multiple storage engines to form a distributed transaction Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash Mysql, Redis, and Mongo are all very popular stores, and each has its own advantages. In practical applications, it is common to use multiple stores at the same time, and ensuring data consistency across multiple stores becomes a requirement. … Read more