cmd – How to delete all files and folders in a directory respectively an entire directory tree except files specified in a list file?

Let us assume the list file G:ADmodsExclusion List.txt contains only file/folder names without path like: Cleanup.cmd Exclusion List.txt Folder to keep File not to delete.txt The batch file G:ADmodsCleanup.cmd can be used with the following command lines to delete all files and folders in directory of the batch file with exception of the files and … Read more

node.js – ‘npm start’ returns error: “There might be a problem with the project dependency tree”

I’ve been stuck on this for over an hour. I followed every step listed. I deleted node_modules from my project and ALL node modules folders found on my mac. Then I deleted packagelock and then ran npm install which gave me a fresh nm and packagelock. Running npm start keeps giving me the same error. … Read more

r – recursively split a dataframe with partykit::lmtree as a stump tree

I am trying to recursively split my data using a stump tree based on the lmtree function from the partykitlibrary. The idea is the following: [1] for each variable of interest run and lmtree with a depth of 2, store the regression model’s results and splitting rules. [2] for each subset of data created from … Read more

How Does the Database Understand and Execute Your Query?

A vector query in Milvus is the process of retrieving vectors via scalar filtering based on a boolean expression. With scalar filtering, users can limit their query results with certain conditions applied to data attributes. For instance, if a user queries for films released during 1990-2010 and scores higher than 8.5, only films whose attributes … Read more

How Git Stores Data. Blob, tree, and commits | by Marcin | May, 2022

Blob, tree, and commits When I started using Git, I did what most people do. I memorized commands to get the job done without really understanding what was happening under the hood. In most cases, I was getting the results I wanted. But I was still frustrated that I was occasionally ‘breaking’ the repo-getting it … Read more

My Introduction to the Blockchain and Merkle Tree | by Douglas Mendez | Apr, 2022

Understand blockchain through this Go implementation Photo by Shubham Dhage on Unsplash A couple of months ago, I started playing and developing around the Blockchain, given the hype it was having lately throughout the crypto space with cryptocurrencies and all the incredible possible applications owing to the implementation of smart contracts — like NFT collections, … Read more

Teaching Kids Programming – Left/Right Side View of a Binary Tree using Depth/Breadth First Search Algorithms

Teaching Kids Programming: Videos on Data Structures and Algorithms Given the root of a binary tree, imagine yourself standing on the left/right side of it, return the values ​​of the nodes you can see ordered from top to bottom. Given the following Binary Tree, the left side view will be [6, 3, 6] while the … Read more