python – Trying to add all the coordinates of a turtle into a set

So for the last collision of my tron ​​program, I want to record every movement each of my turtles makes into a set. Then I want to compare the set to the current position of the other turtle. How do I make that set? Something like this: positions_travelled_red = {(red.xcor(), red.ycor()), etc…)} positions_travelled_blue = {(blue.xcor(), … Read more

python – Detecting a collision between turtles/out of bounds/a line of the turtle and a turtle

So I’m coding a tron ​​game in turtle and the last part I need to do is to code the collisions between the turtles themselves, out of bound collisions, and collisions between the line made by the a turtle and the other turtle. I coded the out of bound collisions and they didn’t work, and … Read more