javascript – Error when I kick npm install in wsl2 ubuntu

When I run npm install, this error always happens in my project. Back then, I never found this error on any machine. But, this is my first try on WSL2 Ubuntu. Here is the error. npm ERR! code 1 npm ERR! path /home/my-username/my-project/node_modules/node-sass npm ERR! command failed npm ERR! command sh -c node scripts/build.js npm … Read more

ubuntu – Failed to start Advanced key-value store.redis-server.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=1

redis-server wont work in the server i have nginx, apache, php and mysql is there any package can cause the problem below PS: this error when i’m installing BBB redis-server.service: Control process exited, code=exited status=1 Failed to start Advanced key-value store. — — The result is failed. Apr 05 12:28:44 ns3081715 systemd[1]: redis-server.service: Unit … Read more

c# – MQTT Subscribing From Host Windows Mosquitto Broker subscribe data to Mosquitto Broker Ubuntu Guest

Background: I am working on a project in Unity and I have these plugins BestMQTT and [BestHTTP][1] and [BestHTTP2][2]. The MQTT script I have in unity needs to subscribe to the broker in a Ubuntu Virtual Machine I have running ThingsBoard and Mosquitto. I have edited the default mosquitto.conf file in Ubuntu to as follows: … Read more

How to Install and Switch Python Versions on Ubuntu 20.04

[*] This tutorial is about installing and switching between different Python versions on Ubuntu 20.04. Using multiple Python versions on your server is a very good choice especially when you have multiple Python applications and you need to test them one by one. Of course, every Python application can run on a different Python version … Read more