Understand Visual Studio’s new extension model

Notwithstanding the popularity of the Visual Studio Code programmer’s editor, the Visual Studio IDE is still at the heart of Microsoft’s development toolchain strategy. More than 25 years of evolution have brought us a customizable development environment that goes a long way beyond the original common UI for a set of development tools. Today Visual … Read more

Please help me understand concurrency in Go: why is this approach slower than a typical (non-concurrent) one?

I’ve been learning how to program in Go, and I thought it’d be interesting to try to implement a combinatorial algorithm I remember from school. I first implemented the same solution I had written in Java, and then realized it could be possible to use goroutines to add some concurrency to the solution. After the … Read more

python – NLTK word tokenizer crashes dosent even work what should i do it gives a big error i dont understand?

So I was working on my first sentiment analysis project and I tried to use a word tokenizer by using the function nltk.word_tokenizer(example) also used another syntax didn’t work and got an error, searched for the error but realized it might be an issue with the library itself kindly try to solve this problem example … Read more

Understand the MySQL Index Optimization Artifact | by Dwen | Jun, 2022

MySQL index optimization tutorial Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash With the increasing number of users and data volume, the slow query is an unavoidable problem. In general, if a slow query occurs, it means that the interface responds slowly, the interface times out, and other problems. If it is a high concurrency scenario, the … Read more

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How Does the Database Understand and Execute Your Query?

A vector query in Milvus is the process of retrieving vectors via scalar filtering based on a boolean expression. With scalar filtering, users can limit their query results with certain conditions applied to data attributes. For instance, if a user queries for films released during 1990-2010 and scores higher than 8.5, only films whose attributes … Read more

Understand How a Blockchain Peer to Peer Network Works | by Abhishek Chauhan | Apr, 2022

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