Every Product Manager Must Know About Testing

Being responsible for the development and maintenance of a rapidly evolving tech product is arguably one of the most technical and fast-paced jobs out there. The fact that the whole landscape of relevant technologies is also evolving outside your company and product adds another layer of complexity to the mix. New devices, new features on … Read more

Why “Polyglot Programming” or “Do It Yourself Programming Languages” or “Language Oriented Programming” sucks?

Last year we saw the launch of a new Web programming language Dart – Structured Web Programming from Google. A very interesting approach to support web application development. Not so long after Go, Groovy, Ruby, Scala, >; we see Dart. Is it a good thing to have at least one programming language to solve one … Read more

CoffeeScript: a TDD example – DZone Agile

CoffeeScript is a language building an abstraction over JavaScript (as the similar name suggests.) It is an abstraction over the syntax of JavaScript, not over its concepts: the language is still based on functions as objects which may bind to other objects, and prototypical inheritance. CoffeeScript favors the best practices of JavaScript by transforming abstractions … Read more

IntelliJ integration for Mockito – DZone Integration

Mockitools is an IntelliJ plugin that provides integration for Mockito. In this article, I’d like to show you the major features of the plugin (and some of the minor ones, too) and how they can be useful when working with Mockito test code. Various IntelliJ plugins do exist for Mockito, they focus on one or … Read more

On Architects, Architecture, and Failures

Let’s consider two things: 1.) Bad things happen to good people 2.) Architects are people Ergo, bad things happen to good architects. In other words, at some point, no matter how much effort you and your team put into designing resilient, high-performing, well-architected systems – something is going to blow up spectacularly and make you … Read more

Test Plan and Test Strategy: Best Practices That Will Make Your Product Development a Success

Without a crystal clear understanding of the processes when a team works on a software product, it can be tempting to think that all the problems stem from under-qualified QA engineers who click around randomly and ruin the hard work of the whole team. However, the value and purpose of the quality assurance process are … Read more

Instancio: Random Test Data Generator for Java

By now hopefully all of us, developers, have embraced unit testing. Good test coverage of our codebase, combined with that green checkmark after running the tests, gives us a warm fuzzy feeling that everything is in order. While we all like that warm fuzzy feeling, writing tests usually requires some plumbing. This is the “boring … Read more