Unit Testing Test Doubles and Exploring the Mocking Framework in Kotlin | by Haitham Ayyash | Aug, 2022

An in-depth guide to this helpful program Photo by Mari Helin on Unsplash If you don’t know anything about unit testing, you can look at my previous articles: The Basics of Android Unit Testing and Android Unit Testing — Choosing Naming Convention and Test Cases. Test Doubles are used to substitute external dependencies for the … Read more

React Testing Library Configuration for Productive Unit Testing | by Teddy Morin | Jul, 2022

An example with Redux and GraphQL Photo by sharonmccutcheon on Unsplash Too often, I join a new React project where unit tests are lacking, both in amount and quality. There are a few causes, but the one I want to discuss today is the poor test environment. Indeed, testing requires skills, thoroughness, and is definitely … Read more

unit testing – Trouble Writing to Jest Mocked Prisma Database

I have two databases that I need to interact with in my code. I have a simple function that takes an object and writes it to my PostgreSQL database using Prisma. I’ve tested the function with Postman, and it works perfectly, but when I try to execute it using a Jest mock (using the singleton … Read more

How to Write Unit Tests for Combine’s Debounce Method in iOS | by Arek Pituła | Jul, 2022

Testing is easy. Writing a testable code is not. Writing testable code can be hard. Writing testable code that requires asynchronous work is harder. A large percentage of applications that implement combine use it mostly to support concurrent pieces of code, rather than synchronous. Obviously, adopting a Combine operation to support both async and sync … Read more

RxJS Testing — Write Unit Tests for Observables | by Denis Loh | Jun, 2022

Advance your unit testing skills by writing tests with the RxJS testing features. Photo by Davyn Ben on Unsplash RxJS is a very powerful and a cool set of tools to create reactive apps. When developing angular applications you will be very likely faced with RxJS, so I assume, you are familiar with how to … Read more

neural network – How can I fix tensor dimension matching error (with 1 unit difference)

I’m trying to run my code for Graph Convolution Network (GCN) in PyTorch with several .csv input files, but I get the error below: ** RuntimeError: The expanded size of the tensor (732) must match the existing size (731) at non-singleton dimension 0. Target sizes: [732]. Tensor sizes: [731] ** here is my code: import … Read more