react-native (Expo) upload file on background

Hope this isn’t too late to be helpful. I’ve been dealing with a variety of expo firebase storage integrations recently, and here’s some info that might be helpful. First, I’d recommend not using the uploadBytes / uploadBytesResumable methods from Firebase This Thread has a long ongoing discussion about it, but basically it’s broken in v9. … Read more

python – Plotly Dash: How to add an Upload Button for CSV File that creates a data Frame and plots multiple graphs

Currently writing a script that reads in a csv file and makes numerous adjustments to the dataframe and plots multiple graphs. I’m trying to include an upload button to remove the need to read in the csv file. I’m struggling to add this upload button while also making the required changes needed to the dataframe … Read more

vuejs2 – How can I upload avatar image and store with localStorage inside server using axios?

I’m Vue Beginner and I’m learning How to store images using link server and local storage. Right Now, What Am I trying to do is I’m trying to make avatar image to upload into my server using axios and add localStorage to getItem avatar image from changeImage method. But, when I load it into localhost, … Read more

WordPress upload post and attach file (wp_insert_post and wp_insert_attachment)

WordPress upload post and attach file (wp_insert_post and wp_insert_attachment) Dear readers, My current Custom WordPress theme doesn’t allow me to attach an image / .pdf by to a post. This form (method=”POST”) has a ‘subject’ and ‘textarea’ field and ofcourse an input type=”file”. What does work is create a post by using: ‘wp_insert_post’ and get … Read more

kotlin – Upload document not updating but still keep loading in android?

I am developing an android app. user to create a project and create worksheets and upload documents user go to the android app and clicks worksheets and see loading documents but from the webside it is showing uploaded even after opening documents but from android side user only see loading documents even after clicking loaded … Read more

Upload Files to AWS S3 in JMeter Using Groovy

I use my personal AWS S3 to store all my personal and confidential documents. There are three primary reasons for choosing AWS S3: affordability, speed, and reliability. If you are working on the AWS cloud, the usage of S3 is inevitable. S3 plays a critical role in storing objects in hot and cold storage. Sometimes … Read more

how to use python requests to upload file?

import requests cookies = { ‘root_session_id’: ‘something’, ‘visid_incap_987752’: ‘something’, ‘_gid’: ‘something’, #there are more cookies but I dont wanna post all of them for safety reasons and I changed #the values for the above cookies, I changed to something for safety reasons for stackoverflow, however they #are proper values } headers = { ‘authority’: ‘’, … Read more

flutter – How can I upload the first name, last name, job and profile picture of the user?

Please help me I want to know how to upload the first name, last name, job, date of birth and a picture of the user in Flutter Null Safety this is my signup import ‘package:firebase_auth/firebase_auth.dart’; import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; import ‘package:newlivenullsaf/pages/login.dart’; class Signup extends StatefulWidget { @override State<Signup> createState() => _SignupState(); } class _SignupState extends State<Signup> { … Read more