python – I am utilizing customtkinter to create a toplevel, but when I try to run it as toplevel and not with main.loop(), it crashes with error

I am working on a GUI program utilizing tkinter and customtkinter. I seem to be getting an annoying error while trying to create this popUpBox. Essential I use it during a script run to open up a pop up box with radio buttons to make a selection. It works fine if I mainloop it, but … Read more

A Data Validation Solution Utilizing Swift Property Wrappers and SwiftUI View Extensions | by Jonathan Storey | May, 2022

Data validation in Swift and SwiftUI For better or worse, the Swift programming language does not provide an unified approach to validation. As a result, each developer must develop their own approach. In this article, I share my hard-won solution to data validation. β€œTo err is human, to validate devine.” β€” (not) Alexander Pope At … Read more

typescript – No response from buttons in Angular app utilizing Bulma framework

I am making my first website using visual studio code with angular cli and the bulma framework. I am having trouble using buttons on the localhost in two areas of the website and I think they must be related. I have also uploaded the project onto my raspberry pi server and get the same issues … Read more