android – How to create an If statement to add values ​​to List in Flutter

So I’m trying to send a value that will be added to displaycontact_list, however I would like to Create an if statement beforehand to check whether the value is a number or a string, if it is a number it will add the list based on Contact.phones.first.number and if it is a String it will … Read more

javascript – Dynamically updating values ​​of a field depending on the choice selected in another field in Django

I have two tables. Inventory and Invoice. InventoryModel: from django.db import models class Inventory(models.Model): product_number = models.IntegerField(primary_key=True) product = models.TextField(max_length=3000, default=””, blank=True, null=True) title = models.CharField(‘Title’, max_length=120, default=””, blank=True, unique=True) amount = models.IntegerField(‘Unit Price’, default=0, blank=True, null=True) def __str__(self): return self.title InvoiceModel: from django.db import models from inventory.models import Inventory class Invoice(models.Model): invoice_number = models.IntegerField(blank=True, … Read more

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I have a dataset of prices with 36619 samples and 6 features. The distributions of the features vary significantly, so I create the following function to adapt a normalization layer and create a TensorFlow (TF) dataset. The description of each step is on the function as well as the parameters.tensorflow.__version__=2.8.2 WINDOW_JUMP = 24 WINDOW_SIZE = … Read more

android – Why the variables numer, inaltime, greutate from SharedViewModelClass doesn’t retain the values ​​I pass throught the InputText?

SharedViewModelClass: class SharedViewModel : ViewModel() { private var _nume= MutableLiveData<String>(“”) val nume : LiveData<String> = _nume private var _gen= MutableLiveData<String>(“”) val gen : LiveData<String> = _gen private var _inaltime= MutableLiveData<Double>(0.0) val inaltime : LiveData<Double> = _inaltime private var _greutate= MutableLiveData<Double>(0.0) val greutate : LiveData<Double> = _greutate private var _activitate= MutableLiveData<String>(“”) val activitate : LiveData<String> = … Read more

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