javascript – Simultaneously sampling from two variables in jsPsych

I am using jsPsych to create an experiment and I am struggling to sample from two variables simultaneously. Specifically, in each trial, I would like to present a primeWord and a targetWord by randomly sampling each of them from its own variable. I have looked into various several resources—such as sampling without replacement, custom sampling … Read more

android – Why the variables numer, inaltime, greutate from SharedViewModelClass doesn’t retain the values ​​I pass throught the InputText?

SharedViewModelClass: class SharedViewModel : ViewModel() { private var _nume= MutableLiveData<String>(“”) val nume : LiveData<String> = _nume private var _gen= MutableLiveData<String>(“”) val gen : LiveData<String> = _gen private var _inaltime= MutableLiveData<Double>(0.0) val inaltime : LiveData<Double> = _inaltime private var _greutate= MutableLiveData<Double>(0.0) val greutate : LiveData<Double> = _greutate private var _activitate= MutableLiveData<String>(“”) val activitate : LiveData<String> = … Read more

Solidity Storage Variables with Ethers.js | by insurgent | Jul, 2022

Use the Ethers.js library to access strings, dynamic arrays, mappings, structs, and byte-packed variables Photo by Teng Yuhong on Unsplash *Scroll to second-half of article for Ethers.js code examples or visit this GitHub repository to view the full code and test files. Data on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is organized using a Modified Merkle … Read more

r – Transform panel data of static values ​​to panel dataset of changes from previous period for several variables

I have a panel dataset that looks something like: df <- data.frame(id = c(1:10), income_3 = c(2:11), income_4 = c(3:8, NA, 10:12), income_5 = c(4:13), health_3 = c(NA, 6:14), health_4 = c(7:10, NA, 11:15), health_5 = c(9:18)) id income_3 income_4 income_5 health_3 health_4 health_5 1 2 3 4 NA 7 9 2 3 4 5 … Read more

postgresql – How to move variables from subquery to an outer query – postgres?

I am writing query below and as you can see it has a lot of subqueries. I would like to throw out from subquery to outer query “dolzniki_terjatve.datum_vlozitve” and “dolzniki_terjatve.glavnica”, so that I don’t need to change them every time. I have tried many solutions which I have found here but nothing seems to work. … Read more

build – sshexec ant task: environment variables

I’ve found out that the current SSHExeec task implementation is using JSCH’s ChannelExec (remote execution of commands) instead of a ChannelShell (remote shell) as connection channel. That means that apparentlyely as per JSCH’s current implementation of a ChannelExec doesn’t load env. variables. I’m still not sure wether this is a limitation on the protocol or … Read more

statistics – Function to Conduct a Kruskal Wallis Tests for Multiple Comparison of Variables using R

Issue: I have a dataset that doesn’t meet the assumptions to conduct an ANOVA, so I need to conduct a non-parametric alternative such as the Kruskal Wallis test. Overall, I have seven parameters and I want to conduct multiple pairwise comparisons between them. I have found a function to conduct this type of analysis but … Read more

ansible – store stdout to custome variables with set_fact

You’re reading a template file shell> cat conf.j2 kubeadm_version: “{{ kube_version }}” crun_version: 1.4.4 runc_version: v1.1.1 kata_containers_version: 2.2.3 youki_version: 0.0.1 gvisor_version: 20210921 containerd_version: 1.6.3 cri_dockerd_version: v0.2.0 docker_containerd_version: 1.4.12 calico_version: “v3.22.2” calico_ctl_version: “{{ calico_version }}” calico_cni_version: “{{ calico_version }}” calico_flexvol_version: “{{ calico_version }}” calico_policy_version: “{{ calico_version }}” calico_typha_version: “{{ calico_version }}” calico_apiserver_version: “{{ calico_version }}” flannel_version: … Read more

function – What is the scope of variables in JavaScript?

TLDR JavaScript has lexical (also called static) scoping and closures. This means you can tell the scope of an identifier by looking at the source code. The four scopes are: Global – visible by everything Function – visible within a function (and its sub-functions and blocks) Block – visible within a block (and its sub-blocks) … Read more