python – Errors in venv while installing packages using conda

I am getting errors like these when I run a requirements.txt file (CondaVerificationError, SafetyError, ClobberError) CondaVerificationError: The package for icu located at C:Usersanaconda3pkgsicu-58.2-h9c2bf20_1 appears to be corrupted. The path ‘lib/icu/current’ specified in the package manifest cannot be found. CondaVerificationError: The package for matplotlib located at C:Usersanaconda3pkgsmatplotlib-2.2.2-py36h0e671d2_1 appears to be corrupted. The path ‘lib/’ specified in … Read more

Virtualenv and venv: Python virtual environments explained

Of all the reasons Python is a hit with developers, one of the biggest is its broad and ever-expanding selection of third-party packages. Convenient toolkits for everything from ingesting and formatting data to high-speed math and machine learning are just an import or pip install away. But what happens when those packages don’t play nice … Read more