python – How to use Selenium in Databricks and accessing and moving downloaded files to mounted storage and keep Chrome and ChromeDriver versions in sync?

Here is the guide to installing Selenium, Chrome, and ChromeDriver. This will also move a file after downloading via Selenium to your mounted storage. Each number should be in it’s own cell. Install Selenium %pip install selenium Do your imports import pickle as pkl from selenium import webdriver from import Options Download the latest … Read more

concurrency – Incompatibility between Spring Kafka consumers with versions 2.3.13.RELEASE and 2.8.3

I am having problems with kafka consumers of applications with different versions of Spring-kafka, specifically between 2.3.13.RELEASE and 2.8.3. When deploying to PRO using blue/green strategies for deployment, I am having the problem that all partitions, when using concurrency on consumers, are assigned to the application using version 2.3.13.RELEASE, while the new application deploying a … Read more

How to Install and Switch Python Versions on Ubuntu 20.04

[*] This tutorial is about installing and switching between different Python versions on Ubuntu 20.04. Using multiple Python versions on your server is a very good choice especially when you have multiple Python applications and you need to test them one by one. Of course, every Python application can run on a different Python version … Read more