WebRTC Video Calls With Angular and Spring Boot

WebRTC video calls have been added to the AngularPwaMessenger project. The back end supports WebSocket connections that are secured by JWT tokens to enable WebRTC signaling. The current browsers support video calls with WebRTC. The Angular front end supports the WebRTC calls and needs to access the camera and the microphone. The browsers need to … Read more

noclassdeffounderror – vlcj video runs in IDE but not externally

I am using vlcj-4.7.1 and IntelliJ. I am using the code from https://www.tutorialspoint.com/vlcj/vlcj_play.htm The code runs and plays the video when I run it inside the IDE, but when I run it using Windows Terminal, I receive: Error: Unable to initialize main class alan.bartlett.videotester.App Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: uk/co/caprica/vlcj/player/component/EmbeddedMediaPlayerComponent Any ideas how to fix this ClassNotFoundError? … Read more

java – How to add video to a recording

I have a class that encodes bitmaps from a stream to a video without sound public class VideoRecorder { private final IBitmapToVideoEncoderCallback mCallback; private File mOutputFile; private Queue<Bitmap> mEncodeQueue = new ConcurrentLinkedQueue(); private MediaCodec mediaCodec; private MediaMuxer mediaMuxer; private final Object mFrameSync = new Object(); private CountDownLatch mNewFrameLatch; private static final String VIDEO_MIME_TYPE = “video/avc”; … Read more

python – Video Lagging while Object Detection on C++

There is an object detection pre-trained model ie Yolov3/v4-tiny, when the algorithm is implemented in python, looked good, there is no lag while processing the video when displaying it over “Imshow”. import cv2 import numpy as np import time #net = cv2.dnn.readNet(“yolov3.weights”,”yolov3.cfg”) # Original yolov3 net = cv2.dnn.readNet(“yolov4-tiny.weights”,”yolov4-tiny.cfg”) #Tiny Yolo classes = [] with open(“coco.names”,”r”) … Read more

Python how to get information about Youtube video from Youtube video id WITHOUT WEB SCRAPING

So I wanted to get information about the Youtube playlists I have created, so I used Google takeout and got a bunch of .csv files like this: Playlist Id,Channel Id,Time Created,Time Updated,Title,Description,Visibility LL–2uyGZ5xJWulPXe2p7YDw,UC–2uyGZ5xJWulPXe2p7YDw,2022-03-20 14:54:43 UTC,2022-04-24 05:42:54 UTC,Liked videos,,Private Video Id,Time Added JMFep9n0izQ,2022-04-24 05:42:54 UTC XjeLE4A5Fu0,2022-04-24 05:27:53 UTC 7LPXA0yM8iE,2022-04-24 04:58:10 UTC bT9jZfgRVvA,2022-04-24 04:56:04 UTC nikDvZhCy10,2022-04-24 02:43:53 … Read more