The History of DOM Manipulation Performance in a Nutshell | by Davi Albuquerque Vieira | Aug, 2022

Updating the DOM directly is costly. How do we know what we know today? image by author The year was 1998. I was a ten years old kid, disappointed by the recent defeat of Brazil against France in the World Cup’s final. Big day for French people, especially for football fans. Not less important but … Read more

Staying Relevant as a Frontend Engineer | by Davi Albuquerque Vieira

Keep yourself up-to-date It’s exhausting, I agree. Every year… Actually, every month (or day) a new tool is released. We are being hit by new libraries and frameworks all the time. State management, CSS processors, forms, reactive programming, etc. Before I finish learning a framework, two new versions of the same one were released! What … Read more