vue.js – Import a Vue js component from Laravel Blade File

To further extend on Salim Example, you can add Vue to the window and directly create the exported Vue Component within the Vue File. 1) Autoload Vue Within Laravel Mix webpack.mix.js const mix = require(‘laravel-mix’); mix.autoload({vue: [‘Vue’, ‘window.Vue’]}) .js(…) .css(…) .version() 2) Register Vue Components Globally As You Create Them resources/js/components/profile/profile-image.vue <template> <div class=”profile-image” @click=’show(user)’> … Read more

Supabase and Ionic Vue Quickstart Guide

Get the API Keys Now that you’ve created some database tables, you are ready to insert data using the auto-generated API. We just need to get the URL and anon key from the API settings. UI 1. Go to the “Settings” section. 2. Click “API” in the sidebar. 3. Find your API URL in this … Read more

vue.js – Docker Nginx reverse proxy to Vue Vite and backend containers unexpected result

The bounty expires in 7 days. Answers to this question are eligible for a +250 reputation bounty. King Reload wants to draw more attention to this question. As shown below, I have set up the environment with docker containers. The reason for this is because I only have a single VPS where I … Read more

How To Use Vue Template Refs to Access HTML Elements

Vue gives us a lot of powerful features when it comes to manipulating the DOM. It simplifies the job of maintaining states, to creating UIs which are easy to maintain, and fun to use. One thing Vue does really well is removing the need for direct DOM manipulation. Sometimes, though, we still need to manipulate … Read more