Developing Dynamic NFTs. Ever wanted to create an NFT that… | by Johan De Coster | Jun, 2022

Ever wanted to create an NFT that reacts to real-world events and data? Now you can, with Chain Link Oracles. Let’s check out how this can be done! Photo by Choong Deng Xiang on Unsplash Remark: Unfortunately, Chain Link Oracle is only set up on the Kovan testnet, while the OpenSea testnet is on Rinkeby. … Read more

reactjs – React Help wanted on WEBPACK error {“os”:”darwin”} + {SQL DB}

Hoping you can help me figure out my noob mistakes. Just trying to install this REACT script on this CPANEL server has been over my head to say the least. Now testing on local Linux MX. The script: Followed the readme_md to a T to no avail.Seems like a simple issue that I can override … Read more