If Google wants to be taken seriously, it needs to find ways to assure users it won’t kill new products

Google Stadia is dead, and the funeral is on January 18th, 2023. For now, it’s a walking corpse that users can continue to play on to finish out their games… and then it’ll be gone. Forever. Users will take little solace in the fact that at the very least, they’ll get all of the money … Read more

8 Ways To Accelerate Self-Directed Learning as a Software Engineer | by Jessie Auguste | Aug, 2022

Grow your skills every day Photo by Christina @wocintechchat.com on Unsplash As an engineer, you’ll constantly learn to keep up with technological changes. How can you do that in a way that works best for you? Put the time into levelling up your self-directed learning skills. “Self-directed learning is a learning method whereby the student … Read more

Four Ways to Get Support as a Scrum Master | by Peter Zylka-Greger | Aug, 2022

#2 — Read a lot of different things The Scrum Master role is crucial within a Scrum team and an agile organization. The Scrum Master helps the team stay focused, removes obstacles, and promotes continuous improvement — among numerous other vital responsibilities. Over the last years, I have seen Scrum Master struggling with the role. … Read more

5 Super Fast Ways To Improve Core Web Vitals

Does your website take more than 3 seconds to load? Is your website struggling with a high bounce rate? Then it requires immediate attention. Google considers Core Web Vital as one of the ranking signals. It is introduced to measure and evaluate the user experience of a website. The core web vitals consist of three … Read more

4 Ways to Simplify React State (By Not Using React) | by Oskari Rautiainen | Aug, 2022

How to simplify your application state with native browser implementations. Non-React lifecycle mechanisms for managing application state. What if I told you, you should not be storing all of your data in a React lifecycle? There are many tools using the built-in browser APIs and non-lifecycle methods in React that can be very powerful for … Read more

3 Ways To Use Bun With Create React App | by Jennifer Fu | Aug, 2022

Exploring bun.js using Create React App (CRA) Image by author — The logo is from https://bun.sh/ A bun is an unsweet bread roll typically filled with savory fillings, such as hamburger. Baozi, or bao, is a yeast-leavened-filled bun in various Chinese cuisines. There are many variations in fillings (meat or vegetarian) and preparations, though the … Read more

3 Ways to Create Spring Boot Docker Images Without Docker File

In this article, we would be looking into some of the ways to create docker images for a Spring Boot Application. As technology is growing, things have changed how applications that serve requests from end-user are. Traditionally you would have a machine to deploy the application and decide on the configuration of the machine to … Read more

7 Ways to Dramatically Reduce Your Time in Code Review | by Tyler Hawkins | Jul, 2022

Code reviews can be painful, but they don’t have to be Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash Code reviews can be painful. Software often complains that the review process is slow, delays downstream tasks, and leads to context switching as you navigate back and forth between an open pull request (PR) and your next task. … Read more

7 Ways to Inherit Styles Using Styled Components | by Jennifer Fu | Jun, 2022

An in-depth look at styled-components coding techniques Image by author styled-components is a popular library to style React applications, with over four million weekly downloads. It adopts the CSS-in-JS approach, which bundles each JavaScript component with all its belonging CSS rules and dependencies. Combined with code splitting, it only loads the least amount of code … Read more