WordPress upload post and attach file (wp_insert_post and wp_insert_attachment)

WordPress upload post and attach file (wp_insert_post and wp_insert_attachment) Dear readers, My current Custom WordPress theme doesn’t allow me to attach an image / .pdf by to a post. This form (method=”POST”) has a ‘subject’ and ‘textarea’ field and ofcourse an input type=”file”. What does work is create a post by using: ‘wp_insert_post’ and get … Read more

python – Is it possible to import scrapped quiz with JSON file on wordpress?

I have used web scraping to get quiz on internet. And I want to import them on wordpress Here’s an example of a piece of an XML file that has been exported from WordPress <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <wpProQuiz><header version=”0.28″ exportVersion=”1″ ld_version=”4.1.2″ LEARNDASH_SETTINGS_DB_VERSION=”2.5″/><data><quiz><title titleHidden=”true”><![CDATA[PSPO Exam Blanc #4 (with comments)]]></title><text><![CDATA[ AAZZAAZZ]]></text><resultText gradeEnabled=”true”><text prozent=”0″><![CDATA[]]></text></resultText><btnRestartQuizHidden>false</btnRestartQuizHidden><btnViewQuestionHidden>false</btnViewQuestionHidden><questionRandom>false</questionRandom><answerRandom>false</answerRandom><timeLimit>0</timeLimit><showPoints>false</showPoints><statistic activated=”true” ipLock=”0″/><quizRunOnce type=”0″ cookie=”false” … Read more

wordpress – Create a Divi child theme with custom php files in /core

I am looking to integrate SendFox (an email service like Mailchimp) into Divi. A friend wrote the necessary code but said he could only get it working in the parent theme. I have the files working in the parent theme (two files are needed in these locations – Divi/core/components/api/email/SendFox.php and Divi/core/_metadata.php) I created these folders … Read more

How to Improve Your WordPress’ Website Security

WordPress security has been an important topic ever since the content management system was released back in 2003. As with any highly popular piece of software with a long and rich history, the CMS can sometimes become the target of WordPress hackers. Hostile actions could include a cross-site scripting attack, sql injections, brute force attacks, … Read more