Move to iOS not working? iToolab WatsGo is the best alternative to Transfer WhatsApp

There is a lot to love about the latest iPhone 14 series. But if you are planning to switch from Android to iPhone, you’ll need to transfer contacts, pictures, messages, call history, bookmarks, and chat history from essential apps like WhatsApp. Apple offers a neat Move to iOS tool to make the transfer process easier … Read more

7 dos and don’ts for working with offshore agile teams

The history of agile methodologies has its roots in collocating multidisciplinary teams, managing sprints with stickies on whiteboards, and opting for self-organizing dialogues over rigid practices. Agile coaches shaped these best practices, though many large enterprises have long histories of running offshore agile development with their service providers or at captive centres. I shared my … Read more

The HP Elite Dragonfly Folio is perfect for working from home

HP has announced the newest member of its Elite Dragonfly family, the Elite Dragonfly Folio. It’s the third product under the brand’s umbrella, with the regular Elite Dragonfly and the Elite Dragonfly Chromebook being the other two. For the first two generations, the Elite Dragonfly was an ultra-light convertible, but HP seems to be changing … Read more

From Relational to Really Relational: The RDB2RDF Working Group

While a lot of databases have been created listing information in a table format, the web isn’t set up in a tabular style. Neither is plenty of data in a variety of formats that the web uses. However, many databases are still using tables, because many web developers feel that tables handle plenty of data … Read more

Working With Geospatial Data in Redis

Working with geospatial data is notoriously difficult because latitude and longitude are floating point numbers and should be very precise. In addition, it would seem that latitude and longitude can be represented as a grid, but in fact, they can’t, simply because Earth is not flat, and mathematics is a complex science. For example, to … Read more