java – Why Basic Sample project from architecture-components-samples with Room db works but this example doesn’t work?

I’m working on android project with room db and I’m getting crazy about this problem. The db doesn’t create what ever I try. No errors, nothing in Logcat and nothing also while debugging. I did exactly the same as Basic Sample. I have another project based on the same exact sample and it’s working there!!. … Read more

Playing Audio with Python sounddevice in Raspberry Pi Zero W works Exactly once and then I need to reboot

I was inspired by this project to put a Pi into an old rotary telephone. I’m using python to bring it to life and perform the functions I would like to perform. The first of these is pretty simple: play a dial tone when I pick up the receiver. However, when I try to play … Read more

Multiple drag in SwiftUI works the first time I drag but jumps the second time I try, what am I missing?

I have these two views, A in red and B in yellow. A is covering the whole screen, B is way smaller than A. SITUATION 1 I want B to receive no touch. I want fingers sliding in A to move B, relatively. A never moves. For example. A finger dragging from 0,0 to 40,0, … Read more

Cellular automata works in Python, not Javascript

I’ve made two versions of the same celluar automata in JavaScript and Python. The Python version works perfectly as expected, whereas the JavaScript doesn’t… The problem is the third generation. How it looks in Python: How it looks in JavaScript: Two cells (C and D) should change from defectors back to cooperators (blue cell). This … Read more

Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA

May 10th, 2022, 01:00 PM #1 Contact from VS C++ to Excel VBA I’ve got an app written in Visual Studio C++ that deals with excel lines … Read more

How Dynamic Rendering Works Using HTML and CSS?

A user might be operating in front of a mobile screen and a desktop screen, but their expectation changes widely on both devices. A user in front of a mobile device is a little less patient, as they are mostly “on the go” compared to when they are in front of a desktop. Mobile devices … Read more

swift – App works fine on device and simulator, but Apple review sends me this crash log

Here is the crash log Apple Review sent me. I’ve never had this issue previously, and it seems like the issue is coming from old code I’ve had no problem with before. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firebase firestore, storage, analytics, AdSupport, Auth, and kingfisher with Swift Package Manager with no success, and I can’t … Read more

curl authentication works with `–netrc` but not `–user`

The bounty expires in 16 hours. Answers to this question are eligible for a +100 reputation bounty. Kodiologist wants to draw more attention to this question. With curl 7.74.0, the command $ curl -b ~/.cookies -c ~/.cookies -L –user ‘USERNAME:PASSWORD’ yields HTTP 401 (verbose output listed below). However, the following works: $ … Read more