PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/storage/emulated/0/b_test.ogg’ – Kivy on android write and save file

I made a Kivy app trying to load a wav file and transform it via Audiosegment to an ogg file. This ogg file should then be saved on the android storage. But unfortunately anything I do, I get an Permission error but asking for it, I also changed it manually on my phone where I … Read more

Introduction to ROS2 With Rust. write publishers and subscribers | by Timothy Shan | Jun, 2022

Write publishers and subscribers In May 2022, ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill (humble) was released, which supports Ubuntu 22.04. Since I am still using Ubuntu 20.04, this blog will focus on foxy. First thing first, how to install ROS2? Because our team is migrating from ROS1 to ROS2, I need to use both for now. My … Read more

Vertical Resize Code

Vertical Resize Code I have some code I’m trying to write for a CS class. On resizing BMP files. I’ve already done horizontal resizing, but I just can’t figure out the … Read more

You Don’t Have to Write Perfect Code. It’s Okay to Be Good Enough | by Guy Erez | Jun, 2022

Perfection comes at a cost Photo by Ryland Dean on Unsplash Perfectionism. Nowadays it’s often displayed as a badge of honor. So much so, that it’s considered a “good” negative quality to mention during interviews, as it tends to be associated with diligence and hard work.Perfection, however, comes at a cost. You might be scratching … Read more

RxJS Testing — Write Unit Tests for Observables | by Denis Loh | Jun, 2022

Advance your unit testing skills by writing tests with the RxJS testing features. Photo by Davyn Ben on Unsplash RxJS is a very powerful and a cool set of tools to create reactive apps. When developing angular applications you will be very likely faced with RxJS, so I assume, you are familiar with how to … Read more

Write Reproducible, Reversible, Tested ML Code With No Time Lost | by Joseph Gardi | Jun, 2022

Plus how to speed up your iteration speed I’m not kidding. But the difference between a pro and a junior dev is using vim’s y, x, and p rather than ctrl-C. Image from: I often see new coders saying they’re not sure if they should write the code quickly or write good code. This … Read more

Why You Should Write a Context-Driven Scripting Language | by Marcus Haberling | May, 2022

Sometimes the best way out of code complexity is to go deeper. Photo by Arnold Francisca on Unsplash Have you, Dear Reader, ever got caught in a customization trap? Example 0: You add custom checking range to input fields with ranges defined in the database. People are delighted. Until they want the range of inputs … Read more

How Google Developers “do Not” Write Their Comments | by Minhaz | May, 2022

Writing documentation is an important part of coding. Here are some practices we “do not” follow at Google while writing code comments. Photo by Cess Idul on Unsplash. I didn’t come up with this topic by myself. I have always believed this to be a fairly subjective topic. It still is — but, a few … Read more