The best car chargers to buy for phones and laptops in 2022

While many modern cars and other vehicles come with built-in USB ports for charging your phones and tablets, they often don’t provide the fastest charging speeds. So it’s a good idea to invest a few bucks and get a dedicated car charger that can fast charge your smartphone. These chargers are plugged into a 12-volt/24-volt port (or a cigarette lighter) and can also be used to top off your tablets and laptops. A dedicated car charger for your phone is also helpful if your ride is older and doesn’t come with a USB port.

How to pick the right Car Charger?

Picking the right car charger can be quite jarring due to the sheer number of options that are available to purchase. Just like USB PD chargers, car chargers also follow various protocols, have different power outputs, and more. Here’s a quick look at some of the most important things to consider while buying a car charger:

  • Support charging protocol: Before buying a car charger for your phone or laptop, it’s a good idea to check which fast charging standard your device supports. On phones, it could be Qualcomm Quick Charge, USB Power Delivery (PD), USB PD 3.0 Programmable Power Supply (PPS), Adaptive Fast Charging, and more. However, on laptops, you would typically get USB PD. You have to make sure the car charger you are buying supports the fast charging standard of your device. Otherwise, while your device may still charge, it will not get the fastest charging speed. And if you are using your phone in the car for navigation or other tasks, you may end up using more power than what the slow charger is providing.
  • Power requirement of the device: Another thing to check is the maximum wattage supported by your device for the fastest charging speed. For example, some phones can only support 18W fast charging, while others can support 25W fast charging or more. So pick a car charger based on the power requirement of the device that you’re planning to charge.
  • Chargers with multiple USB ports: We also recommend picking up car chargers with multiple USB ports in case you find yourself in a position to charge multiple devices at once. You may not get the fastest charging speeds on all ports simultaneously, so it’s important to find out how much power a particular charger can deliver through each of its ports individually and simultaneously.
  • Pick the right USB cable: Lastly, the USB cable you are using to charge your phone or laptop is equally important. If your cable can’t support fast charging speeds, your phone won’t charge quickly, even with a fast charger. So, make sure to pick a compatible USB cable. To help, we have selected the best USB cables you can buy right now. You can also check out our guide on how to check if your phone supports fast charging to know more about fast charging in general.

Top car chargers for your phone and laptop

Our recommendations for the best car chargers are divided based on which fast charging standard they support. Notably, some of the fast charging standards provide cross-compatibility. For example, Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 4.0, 4+, and 5 are compatible with the USB PD specification. Similarly, Huawei and Samsung’s fast charging standards also work with USB PD. So if you have a device with QuickCharge 4 or Huawei SuperCharge support, it can be charged faster with USB PD chargers as well.

Best car chargers with support for multiple fast charging standards

The car chargers mentioned in this section support multiple fast charging standards. They also have multiple USB ports including USB Type-C and USB Type-A.

    Baseus Car Charger

    The Baseus Car Charger is one of the few reputable car chargers on the market supporting USB PD 3.0 PPS. In addition, it also works with Quick Charge 4.0 and older fast charging protocols. In terms of ports, there are two ports –one Type-C and one Type-A. However, while the Type-C port can deliver up to 65W of power, the Type-A port is limited to 30W.

    Ugreen 2-Port Fast Car Charger

    The Ugreen fast car charger features an aluminum shell and packs two ports: Type-A and Type-C. It supports USB PD on the Type-C port, and Quick Charge 3.0, Huawei Fast Charge Protocol (FCP), Huawei Super Charge Protocol (SCP), and Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFP) on the Type-A port. The charger can deliver up to 20W power using USB PD protocol and up to 22.5W using Quick Charge.

    Anker PowerDrive III Duo

    The Anker PowerDrive III Duo is a reliable car charger that uses USB PD to deliver 20W power to two separate USB Type C ports. This charger can output 20W of power across both USB ports simultaneously, so it’s good to charger two devices relatively quickly at any given point.

    Ugreen Tri-Ports Super Fast Car Charger

    The Ugreen Tri-Ports charger comes with three USB ports — one Type-A and two Type-C — and the second Type-C port can offer up to 60W charging if only one port is being used, making it excellent for charging for USB PD-compatible laptops. In addition, the charger supports Quick Charge 3.0, PPS, SCP, AFC, and FCP.

    Baseus 120W USB Car Charger

    The Baseus USB car charger features four ports, of which three are a part of an extension hub meant for backseat passengers. Each of the ports can provide up to 30W charging. While the Type-A port supports Quick Charge 3.0, the Type-C ports are compatible with USB PD 3.0 and PPS.

    Spigen SteadiBoost with QC 3.0

    Spigen SteadiBoost with QC 3.0 charger supports both USB PD and Quick Charge 3.0 standards. It can provide 27W of power via the Type-C port and 18W via the Type-A port. In addition, the car charger carries a compact form factor and fits pretty much flush with the dash.

Best Car Chargers with USB PD support

Here are some of the best car chargers that support USB PD:

    Baseus 160W USB PD car charger

    The 160W Baseus car charger is one of the fastest and the best car chargers out there right now. One of the best things about this particular charger is that it can output 100W + 30W + 30W across all three ports simultaneously.

    NekTeck USB Car Charger

    The NekTeck USB Car Charger is an excellent option if you primarily want to charge a USB PD-compatible device. There is an additional USB Type-A port available, but that only supports up to 12W charging. When just the Type-C port is being used, the charger can deliver up to 45W power. Unfortunately, there is no PPS support.

    Scosche PowerVolt PD40

    The Scosche PowerVolt PD40 is another excellent car charger for USB PD-compatible devices. It comes with two Type-C ports that can simultaneously charge two devices at up to 20W each. It’s best for devices like iPhones, Pixel 5a, Pixel 4a, and more.

    Spigen ArcStation 65W PD charger

    Charge your iPhone and MacBook Air

    This Spigen ArcStation car charger is an excellent option if you want to charge your MacBook Air and iPhone quickly. It supports USB Power Delivery and can provide up to 45W charging through one of the Type-C ports, whereas the other port can deliver 20W.

    NekTeck 32W PD car charger

    The NeckTeck 32W PD car charger is a good option if you want to charge your phone primarily. It has two ports —one Type-C and one Type-A. While the Type-C port can offer up to 27W of power, the Type-A port is limited to just 5W.

    NekTeck USB C Car Charger

    If you are looking for multiple ports on your car charger, this NekTeck charger has two Type-A and one Type-C port. You can use the Type-C port to charge your PD-compatible smartphones at up to 18W, whereas the Type-A ports can deliver up to 12W of power to other devices.

Best Car Chargers with Quick Charge support

If you’re looking for a reliable car charger with Quick Charger 3.0 support or higher than we’ve added some solid options in this section below:

Best Car Chargers for phones with no fast charging

If you are using a budget smartphone, there is a good chance your phone doesn’t support a fast-charging standard. In that case, you can pick one of the following car chargers. Unfortunately, these chargers won’t work with your laptop.

These are the best car chargers for phones and laptops on the market right now. If you are looking for an excellent charger with multiple ports and support for various fast charging standards, the Baseus car charger is a good option. However, if you only want a charger with USB PD or Quick Charge-compatible ports, you can’t go wrong with Spigen ArcStation 65W PD Charger and AINOPE QC 4.0 car charger, respectively. Finally, Scosche Revolt is a good option for phones with no fast charging.

Which car charger are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments section. If you are also looking for a USB-PD compatible wall charger, we have selected the best USB PD chargers for phones and laptops.

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